Great opportunity for business developers / sales representatives!

Position: Business development Sales Development Representative

Earn up to 50%, long-term, residual income in your spare time at your home / office

Make more money in your spare time than what you make in your day job

Ticketor is building their global and regional sales team and uses this contract position as the first step for team building. Successful contractors may potentially receive full-time job offer for lead and management positions to build and lead the company’s sales team.

Who is this job for?

Are you good in selling technology?

Do you have some extra time to spare?

Are you interested in additional long-term income?

Prior experience in sales is a plus but not required.

What we do:

Ticketor is an event ticketing and box-office platform, used by thousands of event organizers and venues globally with main focus on US, Canada, UK, EU and Australia.

Ticketor platform covers many sectors including: venues, theaters, arenas, schools, K-12, colleges, performing arts, concerts, festivals, theaters, museums and attractions, amusement parks, conferences, classes, transportation, kids events, non-profit, churches and more (click here for a full list.

Our clients are often long-term and use Ticketor for several years.

Our revenue is a percentage of clients' ticket sales and so is residual and long-term.

About the job:

We are hiring a few self-motivated and dedicated sales representatives, who can work with minimum to zero management, to expedite our growth globally and across all sectors.

You can choose the geo-location and/or sectors that you want to work in.

This is a contract position.

You can work anytime you want and from any location.

You have to produce at least 1 monthly sale to keep this position.

How is the payment calculated?

You receive a percentage of the full amount that your generated accounts pay to Ticketor in every calendar month as commission.

Your commission for each calendar month is calculated based on 2 factors:

  1. Generate revenue: Total amount that Ticketor receives from all your accounts combined in the calendar month.
  2. Percentage level: Your percentage-level for each calendar month is calculated based on the number of sales you generated in that specific month, based on the chart below:

At the end of each month you receive a total of your "Generated revenue" for the calendar month multiplied by your "Percentage level" for the calendar month.

Number of the sales generated in this calendar monthPercentage level (Percentage you receive for all your accounts in this calendar month)
6 or more50%
2 or 320%
0 or 110%


Mary has worked in this position for 8 months and has generated 18 accounts so far.

On the 9th month, her 18 accounts paid a total of $50,000 to Ticketor for their ticketing system.

Also on month 9, Mary generated 4 new accounts. So she will receive 30% in this month.

Mary receives $50,000 * 30% = $15,000 at the end of month 9.

On month 10, Mary's account pay $60,000 to Ticketor and in this month, Mary generates 6 new accounts, which qualifies her for 50%.

So she receives $60,000 * 50% = $30,000 at the end of month 10.

On month 11, Mary takes a long vacation and generates no account. So she will still receive 10% of her accounts generated revenue.

On month 12, Mary's account pay $70,000 to Ticketor and in this month, Mary generates 5 new accounts, which qualifies her for 40%.

So she receives $70,000 * 40% = $28,000 at the end of month 12.

Mary, keeps receiving payments for the life of her accounts and as long as her contract with Ticketor is active.

Provisioning Period:

From your start date for a period of 3 months, it is considered the provisioning period. You will work closely with other team members and engineers to learn the system and start selling. During this period, if meaningful result is not achieved or Ticketor considers you not fit for the job, your contract will be terminated in accordance to the termination clause below.


  • You can terminate your contract at any time. Your income will get terminated upon cancellation.
  • Your contract will get terminated automatically if you generate no new accounts in 6 consecutive months. Your income will get terminated upon cancellation.
  • On rare cases, Ticketor may terminate your contract for any reason and at any time. If Ticketor terminates your account, you will keep receiving payments for the next 12 months following the termination. Your percentage level will be calculated based on your average percentage levels in the past 12 months leading to termination. If your length of contract is less than 12 months, average of all months will be considered instead. For example, if your average percentage level in the past 12 months was 30%, your fixed percentage level for the next 12 months will be 30%. Each month you will receive a payment equal to the amount generated by your accounts multiplied by the averaged percentage level.


  • The sales generation date is the date that the client makes their first payment to Ticketor. It is not the sign up date.
  • Ticketor has the right to examine the legitimacy of the generated sale and cancel any sale that we consider not legit or fake or illegal or not according to Ticketor's terms of service. If the account is canceled, it is not considered in calculation of the percentage level.
  • You will have access to a dashboard that shows the status of your accounts at real time