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Ticketor Affiliate and Referral Program
30% Monthly Recurring Commission

Ticketor is excited to offer the new partnership program, the best paying affiliate program in the industry!

  • Do you know people who need a ticketing or box-office solution? Anybody who needs to sell events or attraction tickets? Event organizers? Venues? Schools?
  • Are you connected to the event ticketing industry and have connections?
  • Are you an influencer or have many followers on social media or your blog?

Help them switch to the most featureful and user-friendly event ticketing system, Ticketor, and make good commission.

Simply sign up for the affiliate program. You will be provided with links and customizable scripts that you can post on your social media or send to friends and connections in one click.

When they use your link to sign up, you will earn 30% commission on the total amount they pay to Ticketor for any setup fee, monthly fee, and per ticket fee, for a full year.

It takes only 30 seconds to become a Ticketor Affiliate and you get recurring 30% recurring commission for each customer you bring in.


You refer an event organizer:

  1. They sign up for a Premium plan and pay an annual fee of $395.40. You earn $118.62.
  2. Every month, they sell 1000 tickets at average price of 80.00. You make $600.00 each month based on 2.5% transaction fee.

How does it work?

Simply sign up for the affiliate program. You will be provided with trackable links and customizable scripts that you can post on your social media, website, blog or send to friends and connections through email, text, messenger, WhatsApp, etc., in one click.

Be honest and truthful. If you have great experience with Ticketor, write about your experience. If you like the system, features or support, write about it.

Try to share often and frequently.

When they click on your trackable link to sign up, they will automatically show up in your affiliate dashboard and you will start to see earnings in your dashboard. This program is confidential and they will not know about you receiving commission, unless you want to tell them.

When you have $100 or more commission accumulated in your account, you can request a payout from your dashboard. You can request payouts up to 3 times per year.

You can choose the payout form. Payouts can be:

  • in cash through PayPal or Zelle
  • gift cards to supported popular stores such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, ...
  • tickets to entertainment events or activities

More details:

* Commission is paid on the setup fee, monthly fee and transaction fees that Ticketor collects from your referred client. All other charges and fees including taxes, equipment purchases, hard ticket printing service, payment processing fees, marketing, advertisement, support and other Ticketor services are not eligible for the commission.

* You cannot refer yourself, a member of your household, an existing or past Ticketor client, or a company that you own or are a majority shareholder. However, you are welcome to refer a company that you work for or have a less than majority in ownership.

* Ticketor reserves the right to cancel your affiliation program and void any earned commission if your account is suspicious of fraud or misuse.

Questions? Chat with us from the chat box at the bottom of this screen.